MJ Martinez Bueno

Investigadora UAL

Basic info

Nombre: MJ Martinez Bueno

About me: Investigadora UAL

Present projects

- Improved resource efficiency throughout the post-harvest chain of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. FP7-ERANET-SUSFOOD

About me

Graduate in Chemistry (2004) and Ph.D (2011) in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Almeria (Cum Laude). I have published 35 scientific papers about the analysis of contaminants and markers in food and environment, in international journals of highest impact, highlighting papers published in JCR journals such as Analytical Chemistry, J. Chromatography A, Analytical Chimica Acta, Food Chemistry, Talanta or Water Research. All these works are related to the application of multi-stage mass spectrometry and development and validation of analysis methods for complex matrices as well as the data processing with specific software’s of MS. The dissemination of all these works have been done through of 20 oral contributions and 12 poster presentations in various conferences and scientific meetings of national and international scope, highlighting the invited lecture given at a international meeting at the University of Montpellier (France). My h-index is 16 with a total of 919 citations in the area of Chemistry (Database Scopus, September 2014). She has participated as researcher in 6 research projects and 5 research contracts related with environmental sustainability, contamination, water research, protection of natural resources, food safety and food quality. She is co-author of 1 book chapter on transformation products analysis and co-supervisor of 1 PhD Thesis.


Universidad de Almería, La Cañada de San Urbano, España