Oscar Gonzalez-Recio

Basic info

Nombre: Oscar Gonzalez-Recio

Previous positions

Senior Research Scientist. Dpt of Animal Breeding. INIA (Spain) [2015-]  

Senior Research Scientist. Dpt of Environment and Primary Industries. Melbourne (Australia) [2013-2015]  

Research Associate. Spanish National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research (INIA) [2009-2013]

Post doctoral Research Associate. University of Wisconsin-Madison.          [2007-2008]

Associate Professor. Technic University of Madrid.  Department of Animal Science            [2006-2007]

Selected publications
  1. González-Recio O., M. Coffey, J.E. Pryce. 2014. On the value of the phenotypes in the genomic era. Journal of Dairy Science, 97: 7905-7915.
  2. Gonzalez-Recio O, Rosa GJM, Gianola D. 2014. Invited review: Machine learning methods and predictive ability metrics for genome-wide prediction of complex traits. Livestock science, 166: 217-231
  3. González-Recio O., J.E. Pryce, M. Haile-Mariam, B.J. Hayes. 2014. Incorporating heifer feed efficiency in the Australian selection index using genomic selection. Journal of Dairy Science, 97: 3883-3893.
  4. Pryce JE, Gonzalez-Recio O., Thornhill JB, Marett LC, Wales WJ, Coffey MP, deHaas Y, Veerkamp RF, Hayes BJ. 2014. Short communication: Validation of genomic breeding value predictions for feed intake and feed efficiency traits. J Dairy Sci., 97: 537-542.
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  7. González-Recio O. 2012. Epigenetics: a new challenge in the post-genomic era of livestock. Front. Gene. 2:106. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2011.00106
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  17. González-Recio, O., M.A. Pérez-Cabal, R. Alenda. 2004. Economic value of female fertility and its relationship with profit in Spanish dairy catlle. Journal of Dairy Science 87: 3053-3061.


Hipódromo de la Zarzuela, Madrid, España