World Green Infrastructure Congress

Sep - Sep 08 12
World Green Infrastructure Congress. Nantes, 9/13 de Septiembre de 2013

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The constant effort of a few stakeholder from the 90s and the one of ADIVET, combined with a growing awareness of environmental issues, has led France became a leading global markets regarding the green roofing.The greening of facades, for its part, took its rise in our country and spreads, through a variety of techniques, on all continents, from Santiago to Sydney via Mumbai.

Considering the innovative dynamism, economic and technological, it's logical that the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) has entrusted to ADIVET the task of organizing in France the profesionnal worl event of 2013 for the sector.

The city of Nantes, designated "European Green Capital" in 2013, combined with the Région des Pays de la Loire, which houses a global hub of competitive vegetation, came naturally to host this Congress.

The purpose of it is to make a state of knowledge, to allow confrontation of practices, the genesis of collaborations : together to create a positive dynamic in favor of greening infrastructure. It is also provide tools for decision-maker to foster the emergence of a city that appropriates nature.

In this perspective, the program of this congress ambitions to unite all stakeholders landscape, urban planning and construction, future professionals, "beginners" professionals (one day training is offered to them) and experienced professionals.

With a program dedicated to public and private decision-makers, a scientific program of the highest caliber and a practical approach of issues (two day of field visits), all we'll meet to learn, discuss and exchange views around a shared vision of the greened assembly and the city nature. See you soon !!

François Lassalle, Président du Comité de pilotage.

I thank WGIN & ADIVET for recommending the mission of the President of the Scientific Committee as well as the program that brings together high-level representatives of any disciplinary components of the city and the building.

- As shown in congress, seminars and conferences on the subject, research programs in this area are increasing, knowledge is refined. And there is much to do. Because of the risk, support programs of multidisciplinary teams, financed by public funds, often in partnership with other companies or organizations, as ADIVET in France; as well as investments in R&D are important.

The Congress of Nantes will reflect the emotion that unites public and private stakeholder in the area of science and technology. The ecological aspect of the building of the city in all its dimensions (human, political, technical and artistic) will be discussed and they represent a real development tool for infrastructures and greening.

The conference will allow all interested parties to access to the latest work on the subject, experiences and to establish collaborations and partnerships to advance research and innovation.

This meeting is a sign of progress which should not be missed.

Julian Briz, Président du Comité scientifique.

I thank ADIVET and France to host the 2013 WGIC. The ADIVET is an active member of WGIN, which successfully promotes the greening of the building for years. France is a major stakeholder in the world with its research programs, its innovative companies and a remarkable development potential.

The choice of Nantes, European Green Capital 2013, as host city will certainly seduce the participants of the congress. Welcome to our guests to Nantes!

I am convinced that through this congress, the greening infrastructures will further extend in France, in Europe and around the world, because like the previous editions have shown, this event will have a knock-on effect on decision-makers to bring more green in cities. I think the synergy between nature and building is a way to tomorrow's architecture.

I welcome all industry players for this unmissable event.

Manfred Köhler, Président du World Green Infrastructure Network.