María Teresa Martínez Ferrer

Researcher at IRTA

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Nombre: María Teresa Martínez Ferrer

About me: Researcher at IRTA

About me

PhD. in Agricultural Engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia. Researcher at IRTA. Government of Catalonia.

She has worked for the Government of Catalonia's Agrifood Research and Technology Institute (IRTA) since 1991, primarily on citrus entomology, within the Sustainable Plant Protection Program.

Her research work focuses on pest biology, ecology and seasonal dynamics, the development of reliable, precise sampling methods for decision taking regarding treatment, establishing economical thresholds for intervention, and the improvement of chemical, biological, cultural and biotechnical pest control methods.

She has played an active role on the Catalonia Citrus Crops Integrated Production Committee since it was established in 1994. This group was created and continues to update the technical standards for citrus production. She is also the Technical Coordinator of Citrus Committee of Fruit.Net Program for the optimization of the application of phytosanitary products and the reduction of residues on fruit of Catalonia. She was part of the Subtropical and Citrus Crop Pests National Working Group from 1991 until it ended in 2011.

She was associate lecturer for Production Technologies II: Plant Protection at the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in the Horticulture and Gardening Degree Course.

She has supervised one doctoral dissertation and 10 end-of-degree projects.

She has been involved in numerous national and international research projects, all in the field of biological and integrated pest control for citrus crops. In addition, she has taken part in many contracts related to these areas with private companies.

She has participated in national and international congresses, and has extensive experience of knowledge transfer through courses, seminars and workshops given for technicians and farmers. She has published 9 scientific articles in international journals indexed in the Science Citation Index and more than 40 technical articles.


Amposta, Tarragona, Espanya