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Apr 07, 2016 at 00:26

The COST Action EuMIXFOR will organize the first International conference on Mixed forests in Prague (CZ) with the following scientific scope:


Mixed Forest Dynamics and Functioning

 Water and nutritional balance of mixed forests

 Carbon sequestration

 Structural and functional biodiversity in mixed forest ecosystems

Adaptive Management of Mixed Forests

 Quantitative and qualitative productivity

 Sustainable forest management of mixed forest

 Conversion of pure forests and monocultures

 Mixed forests as the measure of Mitigation/Adaptation to the Climate Change

Policy and Social Impact of Mixed Forests

 Non- productive functions of mixed forests

 Socio-economics of mixed forests

 Mixed forest as natural/cultural heritage


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Prague (CZ). Conference hall of hotel DAP. Vítězné Square No. 4
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