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Jun 20, 2012 at 02:37

During the past decade, much of the plant genomics, physiology and ecology research has been focused on Fagaceae. In these species, many challenges are becoming increasingly relevant, from climate changes to fire events and both scientists and breeders must face them together. That is the aim of this meeting: let’s disclose our most promising and innovative research data and share it with those who most need it – the breeders and forestry sector.

Communications on oaks will be particularly welcome. From those, focus will be given to Cork Oak (Quercus suber), a valuable commercial resource, a challenging plant model and a remarkable example of Sustainable Forestry. Recently, Q. suber has been an object of increasing interest among scientists in various fields ranging from Ecology to Transcriptome analysis, from Genomics to Climate Change adaptation. Cork2012 will not only disclose the most recent results on Cork oak, but will also expand its scope to other oak species and to all species of the Fagaceae family making this Congress a unique opportunity for gathering Plant Scientists, Breeders and Industry aiming the development of new approaches and synergies to face new problems. The scientific program will include a number of plenary, keynote, technical and poster sessions, organized in sessions for the following topics

• Ecology and Climate Change

• Sustainable Forest Management

• Genomics

• Genetics and Breeding

• Biotic Interactions

• Industry

• Applications and New Products

Other exciting events are being organized as well, hence you are all invited to participate and enjoy the scientific and social parts of this fascinating Congress.

So, join us at CORK2012 and enjoy the beautiful cork oak landscapes, while tasting delicious wine and local cuisine. You will benefit from a most outstanding academic program while enjoying a relaxing time on a southern paradise.

Meet us in Portugal, the country of Fado, recently elected Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Looking forward to see you in Beja in July 2012!

For more information:

Instituto Politénico de Beja Rua Pedro Soares Campus do Instituto Politécnico de Beja Apartado 6155 7800-295 Beja
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