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Jul 05, 2023 at 07:00

Today, the European Commission has published its Communication in response to the citizens’ initiative entitled ‘Stop Finning — Stop the trade’. The campaign aims to end international trade of loose shark. In response to the campaign, the Commission will launch an impact assessment by the end of the year to measure the effectiveness and contribution of EU rules against finning. The Commission will aim to better enforce the EU’s already strong traceability measures and to improve data relating to imports and exports of shark products. Finally, the Commission will aim at enhancing the role of the EU in the global fight against shark finning. Europêche believes that the current framework in Europe guarantees that all shark catches are legal and sustainable. Even if the policy is functioning well, there is always room for improvement and for that reason the sector welcomes the decision to assess the situation in depth before taking any legislative measure.

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CEPESCA y OCEANA han hecho hoy un llamamiento en ICCAT para que eliminen los vacíos legales que permiten que algunas flotas continúen la práctica ilegal del finning en aguas del océano Atlántico, instando a los países a que adopten medidas para que los tiburones sean desembarcados con sus aletas naturalmente adheridas,como vienen haciendo desde julio de 2013 los palangreros de superficie españoles.


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