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Jun 20, 2012 at 02:33

Forests for People

1. Discussion of the broad range of functions forests will be expected to fulfil, for instance delivery of wood products, bio energy, agriculture, food, conservation, biodiversity and water.

2. The role of plantations and natural forests.

Forests and Climate Change

1. The current situation with global deforestation/afforestation.

2. Forest adaption to climate change – threats to ecosystems.

3. Forest management for climate change – carbon sinks; role of exotic species.

4. How do harvested wood products help?


1. Bioenergy options currently being pursued around the world.

2. The state of technology for each of these options.

3. The political and social challenges associated with these options.

4. Types of research are needed to address the challenges associated with each option. This should include both technical (wood products) and socioeconomic research needs.

Resources for the Future

1. How forests and forest products will meet future society needs.

2. Climate change impact on forest ecosystems.

3. Non-wood forest products and how they will be protected.

4. Forest management adaption to future society needs.

Wood in Construction

1. The global trends in wood use in construction.

2. New products and approaches that are.

3. Wood in multi-storey buildings – benefits and challenges.

4. Role of wood in carbon sequestration.

5. Trends in durability of wooden buildings and components.

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