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Nov 01, 2020 at 08:15

Kelly Carlson was a beautiful and vivacious 24-year-old first grade teacher. She was 5' 7" tall with shoulder length blonde hair and sparking green eyes. She had a lovely smile, an infectious laugh and was well liked by students, colleagues and parents alike. While she was slim and shapely, she was endowed with rather large breasts that were firm and sat high on her chest. The nipples were large and pink, covering most of her breasts. She was often embarrassed because the nipples were so sensitive that the rubbing of a bra would make them grow hard. They were unmistakably visible through her apparel. In fact, they were so sensitive that sometimes just touching them would bring a tremor to her body. When very aroused she had been known to climax from just pinching them.

In college, Kelly had done a lot of sexual experimentation. She loved sex and decided early on that she didn't need to seal her marital vows as a virgin. She had had a number of relationships with men which she mostly enjoyed. She was once briefly engaged, but it hadn't worked out when divergent career goals interfered. Beyond that, she had a brief but intense relationship with a female classmate. The memory of the sensual exhilaration of a woman's touch excited her to this very day. She knew she would do it again should she ever have the opportunity. However, she didn't really look at other women with that in mind. Since her first and only lesbian affair, she hadn't happened upon another woman that stirred those feelings latina ass fucking movies
The autumn semester had begun and her third year of teaching was about to commence. As a teacher, Kelly took her job most earnestly. She felt there was nothing more important than teaching young people to read and write. Although she wanted to marry and have a family one day, her primary focus was on her students. They were her children. Teaching presented its own challenges for several years: developing lesson plans, dealing with her own training, and learning to handle the incredible bureaucracy of the public school system. While some teachers never learned to work within the system, she was determined to see her way a positive way. Such was her personality. She adhered to the adage "you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar". To her credit, she cleared the bureaucratic minefields intact. She was perceived as an aggressive yet compassionate advocate for children's education. When comfortably settled in her job, Kelly could finally devote herself to teaching her students. Teaching was her passion and she was chomping at the bit to make a difference in their lives.

Stephanie Morrison hurried around the house trying to get ready for the first parents' open house. Her mother was coming over to watch her six-year-old son, Benjamin. She glanced at the notice from his teacher lying on the desk, confirming the presentation started at 7:30 PM. The handwriting on the note was perfect with large sweeping letters: Kelly Carlson, Room 110, Elm Street Elementary School. She wondered if Ben's teacher was an older woman or a green first year teacher. Noting the handwriting, it appeared to be that of a younger person. She often found she could read people by their signature. She knew schools often placed young teachers in charge of kindergarten and 1st grade classes. Stephanie disputed that wisdom, worrying that young children needed the know-how of an older, more experienced teacher.

"Benjamin, have you got your pajamas on sweetie?" Stephanie called down the hall.

"Yes Mommy," Ben answered, throwing down his comic book as he jumped off the bed and into his PJs.

Stephanie searched her closet for a suitable dress. She chose a conservative, if slightly tight-fitting little dress which hugged her body and revealed much of her firm thighs. She slipped it over her head and looked in the mirror, smoothing the sides down with her hands. Not bad, she thought as she gazed at her 5'5" frame. After Benjamin's birth, she was determined to regain her figure and was proud of her results. Her breasts were still firm yet larger than before; full and round in her 34B bra with large pink areolas and perpetually hard nipples. Her dark brown hair was streaked with auburn and hung in an attractive layered cut, falling just past her shoulders. She had a lot of natural curl to her hair, which complemented her pretty face and large blue eyes. Her hips were a little wider since the birth of Ben, but she didn't think they were too big as she still caught the attention of men... and even some women.

Stephanie had gone to a liberal arts college, majoring in English. She had originally intended on attending graduate school with an interest in teaching. She met her husband, David, who was two years her senior. They married when she graduated college. He was a third year law student at the time, so Stephanie took a job as administrative assistant for an investment firm to support them until he passed the bar exam. They agreed that she would return to school for her postgraduate degree once David was settled. She became pregnant and decided to be a stay-at-home mom to raise her child. When she gave birth to Benjamin, everything changed. He was the love of her life and. The joy she found in being with him made the long and sometimes boring days as a housewife worth the effort. She placed her career aspirations on hold and didn't for one minute regret her decision. However, like many stay-at-home moms, something seemed to be missing from her life. Was she missing the career she never had, or the opportunity to associate with people that weren't changing diapers or wiping runny noses all day, or was it just general boredom? She didn't know adult cams

Perhaps her feelings were due to the fact that David wasn't home much. While he had worked hard at several different firms and was now a junior partner at Miles and Hamilton, the job still required him to work long hours, sometimes all night and on weekends. Therefore he had precious little time for his family. Nevertheless, he loved Benjamin and tried to spend as much time with him as was possible. As a consequence, that left little time for her. Opportunities to spend romantic time together were adversely affected. Their sex life took a back seat to work obligations and parenting. Sex was relegated to once a month or less. While Stephanie tried to convince herself that it didn't matter, she found herself thinking about it far too often. In fact, she began to masturbate... something she hadn't done since she was a teenager.

Tonight David was working late again and Stephanie was going to the open house alone. She was anxious to meet Benjamin's teacher. She knew that her son was crazy about Ms. Carlson; the work papers he brought home were excellent. She wondered what this apparently amazing woman had done to keep her son so focused.

There were only a few cars on the parking lot, but not nearly as many as Stephanie expected. She looked at her watch and realized that she was twenty minutes early. Rather than wait in the car, she decided to go ahead into the school in the hope that she could get some time alone with Ben's teacher.

As Stephanie entered the red brick building a flood of memories surrounded her, evoking those childhood days when the most important thing in her life was who she was going to play with at recess. How life had changed for her she thought as she looked at the poster boards on the walls with rules and regulations, pictures of kids, drawings and future events. She walked down the hallway, her heels clicking loudly on the floor, echoing from the painted cinderblock walls. The school seemed to be deserted. She wondered for a moment if she had misread the date. She looked at the first classroom door and saw 100, then 101 and 102. As she glanced into the rooms, she was happy to see some teachers sitting at their desks, obviously waiting for parents to arrive. It seemed that in each room the teacher was older than the last. She wondered idly if the room numbers were the teacher's ages and found herself smiling. When she turned to the doorway of room 110, she saw a young girl sitting at the desk.

"Ms. Carlson," she said hesitantly, wondering if it was she or a student teacher.

The pretty girl looked up and smiled. She stood to greet Stephanie, offering her hand. "Yes, I'm Kelly Carlson. Call me Kelly please."

Stephanie looked into the teacher's pretty eyes and found herself at a loss for words.

"And you are?" Kelly asked with a faint smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Stephanie Morrison... uh Benjamin's mother."

"Pleased to meet you. I didn't know that Ben had such a beautiful mother." Her green eyes twinkled.

Stephanie blushed unknowingly, still holding the young teacher's hand. "Thanks," she whispered shyly. "I didn't know Ben had such a pretty and young teacher either."

"Thank you," Kelly answered with a sweet smile, pulling her hand from Stephanie's.

Again Stephanie blushed. "Sorry." She had never been so embarrassed. It wasn't like her to lose her composure, but there was something about this girl... something she couldn't define that brought butterflies to her stomach.

"I adore your son. He's a bright boy and... quite a ladies' man I might add." Ben's desk is third from the front on the left. Have a look at his work while I get ready for my presentation to the parents... who will hopefully be arriving soon. They're supposed to be fifteen parents here tonight."

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