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v2_DRAFT REPORT LDAC Workshop on BREXIT_Madrid_4December2018

Pages: 12

Size: 315.62 Kb

2nd_Drafr report NAFO Annual meeting_2018

Pages: 53

Size: 1.55 Mb

EN LDAC Letter on Snow Crab in Svalbard_3December2018

Pages: 4

Size: 1.40 Mb

EN DRAFT Minutes WG2 LDAC_13_11_2018

Size: 1.16 Mb

Bilateral agreements with countries outside the EU - Fisheries - European Commission

Bilateral agreements with countries outside the EU

EC Reply letter on snow crab 18_03_2019

Pages: 2

Size: 136.16 Kb

EN_Draft Agenda_WG2_LDAC_26March2019

Pages: 1

Size: 443.06 Kb

Examples of assessment outputs and results from SC05, and how they can be used to achieve sustainabl

Size: 2.55 Mb

Introduction to SC05 project

Pages: 33

Size: 2.19 Mb

NAFO Presentation SC05 WS Final_Trade-offs

Pages: 14

Size: 1.30 Mb

Overview of scientific approaches for multi-species assessments

Pages: 27

Size: 2.75 Mb

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NAFO 39 annual meeting sept2017

Pages: 81

Size: 0.98 Mb

NEAFC 36 annual meeting final report

Pages: 19

Size: 708.67 Kb

Brexit Agenda AC meeting 13 04 2018 DRAFT

Pages: 1

Size: 166.77 Kb


Pages: 2

Size: 217.08 Kb

Revised EN v2 Draft minutes WG2 LDAC 13nov2017

Pages: 12

Size: 1.06 Mb

M. Pastoors Presentation scientific industry partnership data collection redfish NEA

Pages: 37

Size: 9.05 Mb

Hotel NH Brussels EU Berlaymont – Boulevard de Charlemagne 11-19. Rond Schuman. Bruselas, Bélgica.
May 26, 2015 at 03:07

Déclaration de Javier Garat, Président d’Europêche, en réponse au Rapport de la Fondation Pew « Inverser la tendance » (‘Turning The Tide’).

May 20, 2015 at 03:51

Declaración de Javier Garat, presidente de Europêche, en respuesta al Informe 'Turning the tide' (invirtiendo la tendencia) de la Fundación Pew.

Mar 26, 2015 at 06:34

Statement from Javier Garat, President of Europêche, in response to the Pew Foundation’s ‘Turning The Tide’ Report.

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